Software Test & Automation
MG Infomatics Pvt. Ltd. is leading Software Development Company

Overview of Software Test & Automation

With our Defect prevention - oriented approach, our apps are thoroughly tested ensuring highly efficient and successful launch. Our testers have broad experience in QA tests, targeted to different systems, devices and platforms. We recommended to start with software testing (web and mobile apps) right from the beginning of your project lifecycle. Our experience confirms that automated and dedicated tests speed up the development process and positively impact user satisfaction.

Software testing (QA) allows for the maintenance of control of an app's quality during development. Software Prototypes are especially vulnerable to errors since they are developed rapidly and from scratch. Early QA testing provides instant feedback regarding status and spec compliance. Recognizing customer needs for technology centric testing services, MG INFOMATICS’s range of Specialized Security Testing Services are built on custom methodologies, frameworks, industry and technology point solutions to test applications developed using newer technologies.